(Webinar) Using School-based Telemedicine to Treat Mental Health

Jun 28, 2018

Using School-based Telemedicine to Treat Mental Health
Thursday, June 28, 2018
1:00pm EDT

School-based telehealth centers are one of the fastest growing segments of the telehealth industry, but the process isn’t as easy as putting a laptop in the nurse’s office. Providers have to work closely with school officials and the public to explain the parameters of a new program, thus securing the support they’ll need to make this service sustainable. And then they have to figure out what technology will work best in a given setting.

In this presentation, Heywood Healthcare Vice President of Community Health and Chief Change Agent, Rebecca Bialecki, PhD, will share the health system’s approach to establishing and maintaining a school-based telemental health program as well as strategies for securing school and community support.

Learning objectives:

  • Building a use case for school-based telehealth program
  • Identifying metrics for determining a program’s performance
  • Overcoming common challenges to telemental health adoption

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