Regional Manual

Reimbursement Guide for Massachusetts

NETRC is pleased to provide our 2015 Massachusetts Reimbursement Guide, including sections on Medicaid, Medicare, and private payers. The practices regarding reimbursement for telemedicine services are frequently changing as new laws are passed or new policies are adopted by carriers. We invite you to become part of an effort to keep these publications as accurate and up to date as possible. We hope that you find the manual to be a valuable resource and encourage you to send feedback, questions and suggestions for further investigation to us.


Pending Legislation and Regulation in MA

Date Published: Updated Monthly | Author: CCHP

Medicaid enrolled and certified home health agencies in Massachusetts are now eligible to reimburse for home remote patient monitoring.  Bi-partisan members of the state Senate and House over tuned the Governor’s veto to allow Medicaid...

Chief of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine NatanNoviski, MD, and critical care physician Phoebe Yager, MD, on the portable videoconferencing unit. In a recent study, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at MassGeneral Hospital for Children...

For those physicians seeking to treat Massachusetts-based patients through the use of telemedicine, even if they are located out of state themselves, a Massachusetts medical license appears to be an absolute necessity.  As first reported by the...

A groundbreaking telemedicine initiative launching in Massachusetts aims to help health providers improve assistance to victims of sexual assault. On Tuesday, Lieutenant Gov. Timothy Murray announced $3.3 million in federal grant funding from the...

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