New Jersey
Regional Manual

Reimbursement Guide for New Jersey

The Northeast Telehealth Resource Center team will soon be offering the New Jersey Reimbursement Guide. The manual will contain sections on: Medicaid, Medicare and private payer policies and requirements. Please check back soon.


Pending Legislation and Regulation in NJ

Date Published: Updated Monthly | Author: CCHP

So far this year, 16 states have introduced telemedicine parity legislation including New Jersey which introduced bills permitting coverage for private insurance, Medicaid (FFS and managed care), and state employee health plans. Senator Shirley...

Another unique take on care coordination can be seen at Saint Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in New Jersey. This institution treats patients who have been victims of domestic violence-related incidents. St. Joseph’s uses videoconferencing...

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Use case study: remote patient monitoring for chronic disease

Date Published: 2014 | Author: Hackensack Alliance Accountable Care Organization

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