Brutal flu season leads to bump in virtual doctor ‘visits’

CT Post, March 3, 2018

Dr. Mia Finkelston remembers a patient who didn’t have time to see a doctor. The woman had children, including a son with special needs, and couldn’t get away long enough for a medical appointment.

But about a month ago she turned to Finkelston, medical director of online care for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s virtual care platform LiveHealth Online.

LiveHealth is among a growing number of telemedicine services through which a patient can conduct a doctor “visit” via video chat on their phone or other device. Finkelston, who serves a number of states on the east coast for LiveHealth — including Connecticut — said this recent patient’s son had gotten the flu and she was terrified of getting it, so she made her first ever visit to a telemedicine service. Finkelston said she’s been getting a lot of these calls lately, from people exposed to the flu who don’t want to get it, or from those who think they have the flu.

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