Debating the Pros And Cons of Licensure Compacts for Telehealth

mHealth Intelligence, March 16, 2018

Interstate medical licensure compacts, which enable healthcare providers to more easily apply for and receive permission to practice medicine in other states, have been touted as a means of expanding telehealth and telemedicine. They’re now live for both physicians and nurses and will soon be live for physical therapists.

But not everyone thinks the licensure compact is a good idea. Some say the process creates unnecessary regulatory burdens, while others would prefer to see one nationwide license that allows a clinician to practice in any state. Complicating the issue even further are the FBI, which argues that compacts don’t have the right to supersede federal criminal background checks, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, which is now implementing a nationwide program that bypasses state medical boards and enables VA doctors to treat veterans no matter where each lives.

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