Direct-to-Consumer Telehealth: One Hospital’s Virtual Care Plan

mHealth Intelligence, May 8, 2017

A small southern Maine hospital is using direct-to-consumer telehealth to put the community back into its community health mission.

York Hospital’s new Virtual Care service aims to give local residents a more convenient connection to the doctors they’ve known for so long. Tucked into Exam Room 7 at the hospital’s walk-in clinic on Route 1 – a newly opened facility carved out of a former auto dealership – the platform offers a pre-scheduled virtual visit with a York Hospital doctor during weekday hours for a variety of minor ailments.

Erich Fogg, clinical lead for the hospital’s virtual care walk-in service and lead provider for the hospital’s network of walk-in sites, says hospital administrators have been planning the platform since 2014. They wanted a small, branded platform that could address common ailments – sore throat, fevers, aches and pains – that would otherwise require a visit to the doctor’s office, perhaps the ER, or maybe one of the independent retail clinics popping up across southern Maine and New Hampshire.

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