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The clinical evidence base for a variety of telemedicine applications is expanding on a daily basis. In addition, there has been an explosion in the development of guidelines and best practices to ensure that patients continue to receive the highest level of care. We have included several resources below. If would like personal assistance with your efforts, please contact us.

Featured Resources

Journal Article

Remote Monitoring of Patient and Family-Generated Health Data in Pediatrics

Date Published: 2022 | Author: Foster, C., Schinasi, D., Kan, K., Macy, M., Wheeler, D., Curfman, A.

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AMA 2021 Telehealth Survey Report

Date Published: 2022 | Author: American Medical Association

Journal Article

Digital Inclusion as Health Care ā€” Supporting Health Care Equity with Digital-Infrastructure Initiatives

Date Published: 2022 | Author: Rodriguez, J.A., Shachar, C., Bates, D.

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Strategic Investments in Telehealth and Digital Tools for Health Centers

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Mid-Atlantic TRC and NACHC

Journal Article

Addressing Inequities in Older Adultsā€™ Health: A Role for Emerging Technologies

Date Published: 2021 | Author: States


GAO Reports on Telehealth COVID-19 Flexibility Findings

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Center for Connected Health Policy(CCHP)

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FQHC Telehealth Playbook

Date Published: 2021 | Author: FQHC Telehealth Consortium

Changes in Short-term, Long-term, and Preventive Care Delivery in US Office-Based and Telemedicine Visits During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Date Published: 2021 | Author: JAMA Health Forum. 2021;2(7):e211529. doi:10.1001/jamahealthforum.2021.1529

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CMS Medicare Learning Network: 2021Telehealth Services Fact Sheet

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services


UNH Telehealth Practice Center- Training Videos YouTube Channel

Date Published: 2021 | Author: University of New Hampshire TelePractice Center

Journal Article

Changes in Virtual and In-Person Health Care Utilization in a Large Health System During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Zachrison KS, Yan Z, Schwamm LH.

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Telemedicine: Ensuring Safe, Equitable, Person-Centered Virtual Care

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Journal Article

Telephone vs. Video Visits During COVID-19: Safety-Net Provider Perspectives

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Ji Eun Chang, Zoe Lindenfeld, Stephanie L. Albert, Rachel Massar, Donna Shelley, Lorraine Kwok, Kayla Fennelly, Carolyn A. Berry

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State Medicaid & CHIP Telehealth Toolkit Policy Considerations for States Expanding Use of Telehealth COVID-19 Version: Supplement #1

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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2021 Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Employee Benefit Research Institute and Greenwald Research

Journal Article

Telehealth for opioid use disorder treatment in low-barrier clinic settings: an exploration of clinician and staff perspectives

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Aronowitz, S., Engel-Rebitzer, E., Dolan, A., Oyekanmi, K., et. al

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