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In addition to ensuring that the quality of clinical care is not impeded with the use of telemedicine technologies, it is also essential to ensure that all ethical standards are maintained. There are ethical standards for all general healthcare disciplines that should be used to help guide your decisions, as well as specific standards for telemedicine applications. Securing patient protected health information and all aspects of patient safety are generally major areas of concern. Below you will find a sample of the types of resources that are available.

Featured Resources

Journal Article

Digital Inclusion as Health Care — Supporting Health Care Equity with Digital-Infrastructure Initiatives

Date Published: 2022 | Author: Rodriguez, J.A., Shachar, C., Bates, D.

Journal Article

UnderFunded Infrastructure: Impact on Health Equity

Date Published: 2022 | Author: Donna Christensen, MD

Journal Article

Addressing Inequities in Older Adults’ Health: A Role for Emerging Technologies

Date Published: 2021 | Author: States

Report on Web

Telemedicine: Ensuring Safe, Equitable, Person-Centered Virtual Care

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Journal Article

Telehealth for opioid use disorder treatment in low-barrier clinic settings: an exploration of clinician and staff perspectives

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Aronowitz, S., Engel-Rebitzer, E., Dolan, A., Oyekanmi, K., et. al

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