What is Telehealth?


Today's Technology is Being Leveraged to:

Monitor patients' health status and behaviors remotely

Meet face to face with patients using video conferencing to have discussions and provide treatment

Obtain images for diagnostic purposes using specialized scopes and cameras

Capture, store and then forward images to remote providers who can make a diagnosis and provide treatment recommendations

Educate patients and providers through apps and video conferencing

Monitor the impact of patients' daily activities on their health status

Provide patients with tools to assist them in adopting behaviors to promote their health

What's New

Healthcare Dive, October 15, 2020

CMS expands Medicare emergency telehealth coverage with 11 new services

CMS recently added 11 new virtual care services to its listing of Medicare reimbursable telehealth services, with notable expansions for remote cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. Between mid-March and mid-August, more than 12.1 million beneficiaries - more than 36% of people in traditional Medicare - had used a virtual visit.

Verywell Health News, October 14, 2020

New survey highlights pros and cons of teletherapy for mental health

Patient surveys by the United Way and the American Psychiatric Association reveal how much telemental health usage has grown during the pandemic began and is recognized by therapists and patients as effective for mental health treatment. However, some therapists and patients prefer in-person sessions and certain factors may make teletherapy more beneficial for some people over others.

Healthcare IT News, October 14, 2020

EHR-linked telehealth helps hospital surpass previous year's visit adherence rate

As the COVID-19 infections began to spread in the early months of 2020, New York's Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center started to notice a sizable increase in the number of no-shows and cancellations of office appointments. With the help of an FCC COVID Telehealth Grant, the hospital's expansion of telehealth services helped it make major improvements in clinical visit rates and reduction of appointment no-shows.

Healthcare IT News, October 13, 2020

Tyto Care launches new AI-powered diagnostic support tool

The company's remote care technology has been documented to help detect abnormalities in lung exams and soon will be advanced to detect symptoms in throat exams as well. Tyto Care recently announced its artificial intelligence-powered diagnostic support tools, which is aimed at improving the quality of remote triage and has been submitted to the FDA for clearance.

Healthcare IT News, October 13, 2020

Teladoc Health and Livongo's post-merger plan: One-stop healthcare

Interviews with the CEOs of these merging health tech companies reveal their plans to bring clinicians and patients, bringing doctors, digital tools and data science together for better health. Two months ago the companies announced their $18.5 billion merger under the name Teladoc following huge leaps in earnings for both companies.

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