What is Telehealth?


Today's Technology is Being Leveraged to:

Monitor patients' health status and behaviors remotely

Meet face to face with patients using video conferencing to have discussions and provide treatment

Obtain images for diagnostic purposes using specialized scopes and cameras

Capture, store and then forward images to remote providers who can make a diagnosis and provide treatment recommendations

Educate patients and providers through apps and video conferencing

Monitor the impact of patients' daily activities on their health status

Provide patients with tools to assist them in adopting behaviors to promote their health

What's New

CCHP August 31, 2021

Tracking Telehealth Policy: Status of State Pandemic Expansions, Permanent Laws, and Top Issues

While telehealth policy has always varied by state, we have now entered into a new and confusing gray area as we phase out of pandemic-era policies, leaving many unsure what is still currently allowed and what will continue to be allowed via telehealth moving forward. Federally, not much has changed and since it has been indicated that the US public health emergency (PHE) will last through the end of the year most federal emergency flexibilities will remain in place through 2021.

mhealthintelligence August 31, 2021

Biden Administration Earmarks $11M for Pediatric Telehealth Expansion

The federal government is adding $10.7 million in stimulus funding to the Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Program, doubling the reach of a program that uses telehealth to help pediatric care providers access mental health specialists.

HealthcareITNews August 31, 2021

Stanford researchers: Telemedicine optimization requires training, interoperability

In a new Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association article, scientists highlight the gaps they still see in telemedicine and the opportunities for growth beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

mhealthintelligence August 31, 2021

Telehealth Reimbursement a Barrier for Rural Hospital EDs

Emergency department telehealth services can be beneficial to small, rural hospitals, but telehealth reimbursement methods and high costs often stand in the way.

mhealthintelligence August 30, 2021

Virtual Platform Offers Free Telehealth Services During Hurricane Ida

Residents in Louisiana and Mississippi who have been hit by Hurricane Ida can receive free telehealth services for non-emergent conditions.

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