What is Telehealth?


Today's Technology is Being Leveraged to:

Monitor patients' health status and behaviors remotely

Meet face to face with patients using video conferencing to have discussions and provide treatment

Obtain images for diagnostic purposes using specialized scopes and cameras

Capture, store and then forward images to remote providers who can make a diagnosis and provide treatment recommendations

Educate patients and providers through apps and video conferencing

Monitor the impact of patients' daily activities on their health status

Provide patients with tools to assist them in adopting behaviors to promote their health

What's New

mHealth Intelligence, November 21, 2019

DEA to Launch Registration Process for Prescriptions by Telemedicine

Federal officials are finally moving forward with a registration process for healthcare providers who want to prescribe controlled substances through telemedicine, as outlined in the Ryan Haight Act

mHealth Intelligence, November 20, 2019

New USDA Grants Target Telehealth Programs in Dozens of States

Some 74 telehealth projects across the country (and numerous across the NETRC Region!) will receive funding through the US Department of Agriculture's latest round of distance learning and telemedicine grants

mHealth Intelligence, November 15, 2019

How eConsults could Transform Care Coordination and Access

eConsults allow primary care doctors to tap specialist advice by store-and-forward connections. According to experts at the XTelligent Media's Value-Based Care Summit this approach hold promise to improve care coordination and reduce costs, but adopting the telemedicine service will require significant changes in communication and practice.

mHealth Intelligence, November 15, 2019

Avera, Tyto Care team up to make telehealth visits more comfortable

Avera eCARE and Tyto Care are partnering to give schools, senior living facilities and clinics across the Midwest access to easy-to-use telehealth technology that can replicate the doctor's exam.

mHealth Intelligence, November 14, 2019

MAVEN Project CEO Links Telehealth Consults to Value-Based Care

At Xtelligent Healthcare Media's recent Value-Based Care Summit in Boston, Lisa Bard Levine explained how the MAVEN Project's telehealth consult platform helps providers improve clinical outcomes and their workflows.

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