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ATA Telehealth Awareness Week

Sep 19, 2021

The NETRC is proud to be an Endorsing Partner of The American Telemedicine Association's First Ever Telehealth Awareness Week, September 19-25, 2021. Our 2021 Regional Telehealth Conference on September 23-24 is one of the many excellent ways to join the conversation, network with ATA Leadership, and connect with fellow Telehealth Champions!

Telehealth Awareness Week™ -September 19-25, 2021- is a landmark event that will highlight and reinforce the central role that telehealth now plays in the delivery of healthcare services. It is also a platform, created by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), for our members and partners to raise awareness, educate and support telehealth.

Telehealth Awareness Week will amplify the message that Telehealth Is Health! Help us spread the word by sharing telehealth awareness information, images and graphics for #TelehealthAwareness leading up to and throughout Telehealth Awareness Week.

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